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Frugal Monday

January 17th, 2006 at 01:28 am

Well today I spent $13 at the store and ONLY got what was on my list!!
10lbs flour
pumpkin pie spice
2 spiral notebooks
chocolate chips

Put gas in dh's car when we were out - got gas from Sams - cheapest place in town right now.

I washed and hung out 3 loads of laundry. So no dryer usage! WOOHOO!!

I ran out of bread last night and decided that if I REALLY wanted to go guerilla frugal this year - I needed to save every penny out there. LOL SOOOOO I made 3 loaves of bread - used to do that all the time but just got busy busy!! Well they came out great! They are denser than regular bread and the kids love it!! So I won't be buying bread for a while - perferablly ever again - but never say never. LOL

Also will be making pumpkin bread up tomorrow - great snack for the kids and dh. They love it and it's quick to make up.

Will try to work a minimum of 6 hours tomorrow - that's my goal to myself. I want to make so much a day and since it's really up to how much I work I will do this!! In between doing this - I homeschool 3 of our children, have a preschooler, 2 that are in public school that need errands/activities run around for. Also have one over 18 living at home. VERY busy!!

Still saving my change in the change jar.

Need to look through the coupons that came in yesterday's paper. All meals will come out of the pantry/freezer.

have a great day!!

2 Responses to “Frugal Monday”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Great job at the grocery store, and your homemade bread sounds wonderful. Am I right in counting 7 kids? Wow, you are definitely a mom working at home!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yes 7 children. I work at home through 2 different companies also. (for pay lol since I don't get paid to be a mom LOL) So yes I am a very busy work at home mom! Smile

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