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saving on soda/paying mortgage off early

January 10th, 2006 at 01:46 am

On the 1st of Jan - I put myself on self imposed restriction of less soda. Well I went until yesterday before I had a pepsi. I felt like one and really enjoyed BUT couldn't wait for my ice tea the next glass.

I WAS a HUGE pepsi addict - going through a 12 pack in less than 2 days!! I would get severe headaches if I didn't have it first thing in the morning. I tried quitting it - by drinking iced tea - but the headaches always got worse.

I got to thinking about all the money - literally going down the drain and decided enough was enough!! I have yet to get a withdrawal headache - only had one pepsi in 9 days - I know I am saving a ton of $$. I actually crave ice tea now and water even. Smile

I have been messing with some online charts to pay the mortgage off early. This is gonna be my third mission - get that paid off - after the FA/EF, and the small debts we have. Looking at those charts with info on how fast it could be paid off and how much we save - I'm sold! LOL

My change jar is filling up too. Smile I bought a HUGE snowman jar with lid - I am saving all loose change and anything I find in the washer. Not sure what I will do with it once it's full - will make that decision once it gets closer to being full.

Well VERY tired - so off to bed for me!

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