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Feb Update

February 19th, 2006 at 10:26 pm

So far for February - we have paid off some small medical bills, and 2 cc's. WOOHOO!! They weren't big balances but big enough. KWIM?

I saved $75 last month on our electric bill! Love that clothesline.

I am now working full time from home - at it's going great! Actually I am working a little more than full time and have definite goals so the money doesn't get squandered.

We have some immediate goals the next few months:

~Pay off a few more small bills - hopefully this will be done in a month.
~Get a shed and pay cash for it.
~replace the a/c unit and pay cash for it
~start saving for our trip in November

Need to work on raising on credit scores a little higher also. Not much - but want them higher than they are now.

Get in a regular flylady routine again. I have strayed from this.

We are buying a freezer - wasn't going to - but with lots of kids - It will definitely save me time and probably money as we stock up. The freezer was paid for in cash and will be delivered next Sat.

Can't wait to start OAMC again!!!

I want to start exercising daily again - I really need this. I am setting a weight loss goal and will meet my goal this year - to lose 60 lbs!

Decluttering the house this year! That's where flylady can help - baby steps! Smile