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Weekly Update!!

January 27th, 2006 at 06:10 pm

WOW I can't believe it's been a week since I posted here. The new blogs look great!! Smile
SO let's see what I can update. ~Totally used the clothesline now for 2 weeks - only used the dryer 1 time in that time period.

~Got the electric bill and it's bad! Frown ALOT higher than last year this time! Rates have gone up BUT I am determined to get it back down.

~cooked all meals from scratch - ate out of the pantry/freezer this past week

~went grocery shopping this morning - went to save a lot and got 154 items for $122. WOOHOO!!!!!! I LOVE that store. Then I went to Sams to get our meats and laundry soap - $88 there.

~paid 2 bills off today - totally $238. WOOHOO!!

~prepared 14 dishes for oldest ds and dh's lunch boxes - which will save me some $$ instead of buying prepackaged lunches

Left to do:
~work on february's budget
~revamp the debt reduction sheet, as 2 more bills were paid off - move a few up!!Yeah!
~still trying to revamp my wah - hours (softball is starting soon with dd playing - I need to re-arrange my hours)
~planning a mini getaway with dh - need to call about reservations - I can't wait!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wacky Wednesday

January 18th, 2006 at 03:26 pm

Well the meter guy came this morning to read the electric meter. I am going out there in about 5 minutes to read it and compare it to last months. I KNOW it's not good already. Frown PLUS the rates went up.

Need to wash a load of laundry and will hang out to dry. It's cool for us but it's very windy so they should dry in no time. Love the free dryer - good old outside.

The yogurt I made the other day - came out great - or so the kids say. LOL I don't like yogurt so I didn't taste it but it's meet approval with all 7 children. Smile

Just ran out to read the meter - lots of KWH were used last month. Frown Oh well it WILL improve this month!

lots of homemade snacks

January 18th, 2006 at 02:37 pm

Well I have been very busy making lots of homemade snacks. I have made 2 batches of homemade brownies, 2 loaves of pumpkin bread, chocolate cookie bars, pizza crust and 3 loaves of homemade bread.

I will be freezing alot of this otherwise everyone will eat, eat and eat. LOL

Not sure what is for dinner yet, I was making the pizza crust up for tomorrow's dinner but maybe it will be for tonight instead.

Pancakes Galore!!!!!!!

January 17th, 2006 at 04:22 pm

Well I decided to make some pancakes up and freeze so that I'd have them for dh's breakfast/lunch. Also for the kids that way if I don't feel like making pancakes I don't have to - just warm them up. LOL

Well 12 dozen later - I am done!!

laundry soap

January 17th, 2006 at 02:05 pm

Well.......... time to wash bedding today. I am almost out of my favorite laundry soap. Frown I have a bottle of stuff - I can't stand the smell of (dh uses it to wash his car LOL now) and then 1/4 bucket of laundry soap from Sams - that well honestly I just like Tide better. LOL I have tried making my own and such but I like Tide. Well I didn't want to go anywhere or spend any money - so I am using the laundry soap from Sams first and then will use the other stuff I think it's gain and when ALLLLLLLL the laundry soap is gone then I will buy more!

A penny saved is a penny earned! Smile

Frugal Monday

January 17th, 2006 at 01:28 am

Well today I spent $13 at the store and ONLY got what was on my list!!
10lbs flour
pumpkin pie spice
2 spiral notebooks
chocolate chips

Put gas in dh's car when we were out - got gas from Sams - cheapest place in town right now.

I washed and hung out 3 loads of laundry. So no dryer usage! WOOHOO!!

I ran out of bread last night and decided that if I REALLY wanted to go guerilla frugal this year - I needed to save every penny out there. LOL SOOOOO I made 3 loaves of bread - used to do that all the time but just got busy busy!! Well they came out great! They are denser than regular bread and the kids love it!! So I won't be buying bread for a while - perferablly ever again - but never say never. LOL

Also will be making pumpkin bread up tomorrow - great snack for the kids and dh. They love it and it's quick to make up.

Will try to work a minimum of 6 hours tomorrow - that's my goal to myself. I want to make so much a day and since it's really up to how much I work I will do this!! In between doing this - I homeschool 3 of our children, have a preschooler, 2 that are in public school that need errands/activities run around for. Also have one over 18 living at home. VERY busy!!

Still saving my change in the change jar.

Need to look through the coupons that came in yesterday's paper. All meals will come out of the pantry/freezer.

have a great day!!

groceries/laundry/writing about being frugal

January 14th, 2006 at 02:40 am

Well went grocery shopping yesterday and spent 211.00 - that is for 2 weeks worth of dinners, all breakfasts and most lunches. Some lunches will also be leftovers. Will need to go back for milk, but that should be it! WOOHOO! I think I did pretty good. I went with my menus, grocery list and coupons. I went through the flyer and marked my list. I was quite impressed with myself. Saved $45 with coupons!! I normally don't use coupons but may become a believer now.

Laundry is still being washed in cold - all of it. Hung on the line. Next week the meter guy reads the meter and I will be right out there after to start my month of tracking kwh. I know we can do better.

No heat/a/c have been on yet either! Smile

I am a wahm (working for a couple different teleservices companies) well I applied for a position to write a frugal corner tidbit weekly and was accepted! It doesn't pay, but will give me more experience with my writing - wo I am thrilled!! Maybe someday I can write for pay! LOL

I have a cold tonight - so I am going to bed early - dh siad oh you need some meds - I'll run to the store and get some. I told him to look in the linen closet top shelf - stockpiling sure does pay off! LOL got what I needed and didn't have to spend a penny! Smile Love it!

Have a great weekend!

water bill

January 11th, 2006 at 05:00 pm

Got the water bill - down $16 this last month. I still do an insane amount of laundry BUT dh installed a new toliet a month and a half ago - low flow. We got the toliet from a construction company for $30 because it wasn't the right color for the home they were building - it was the exact color we needed!! So in 2 months it will pay for itself and save us almost $200 in water a year!!! Unbelievable!!

Checking KWH/hanging laundry out

January 11th, 2006 at 04:57 pm

WOW - Our kwh have been high for this month. Will be glad when the meter guy is here (the 17th of the month) - then I can start tracking them again. I know the dryer was causing alot of it. As we haven't had the a/c or heat on in a couple of months. This new clothesline is going to save me more than I thought!!

Looking for other ways to cut that electric bill:
~unplugging everything not in use
~my computer is all MOST of the time - but I work from home and it's easier to have it on - so I can sign on whenever it's time for me to work - I think I will start putting it in standby mode though - I always shut the monitor off at night but maybe this will help some too.
~washing only full loads of clothes -most of the time do this anyways
~Hanging ALL clothes on the line - if it's raining then hang on drying racks
~combining things cooking in the oven so it's used for multicooking

I will give this some more thought - and see what else I can come up with.

Took the kids to the park today - I walked for 40 minutes while we were up there. So I got some exercise in today.

Beautiful day!!

January 10th, 2006 at 06:51 pm

It's a gorgous day here in West Central Florida! Smile Just gorgous!!

Laundry washed in cold water, hung on the line.
Dinner will be soft shell tacos and mexican rice - all at home. Chicken is in the crockpot simmering. Yummy!

Straightened out the freezer above the frig - and really need a bigger freezer.

Tons more change put into the change jar today. Didn't know there was so much around this house. LOL

Also cleaned and organized the pantry. Continuing to work on the menu and grocery list for later this week.

Was supposed to work tonight - but giving up some hours as I am not feeling real well. My neck is giving me spasms. Frown

Today I spent $10 to put some gas in my car. I challenged myself to only put in 25 in this past 2 week period - well I went over by $5 but that's good as I have been using 25 a week.......... So a savings of $20!! Staying home more, combining errands and such.

saving on soda/paying mortgage off early

January 10th, 2006 at 01:46 am

On the 1st of Jan - I put myself on self imposed restriction of less soda. Well I went until yesterday before I had a pepsi. I felt like one and really enjoyed BUT couldn't wait for my ice tea the next glass.

I WAS a HUGE pepsi addict - going through a 12 pack in less than 2 days!! I would get severe headaches if I didn't have it first thing in the morning. I tried quitting it - by drinking iced tea - but the headaches always got worse.

I got to thinking about all the money - literally going down the drain and decided enough was enough!! I have yet to get a withdrawal headache - only had one pepsi in 9 days - I know I am saving a ton of $$. I actually crave ice tea now and water even. Smile

I have been messing with some online charts to pay the mortgage off early. This is gonna be my third mission - get that paid off - after the FA/EF, and the small debts we have. Looking at those charts with info on how fast it could be paid off and how much we save - I'm sold! LOL

My change jar is filling up too. Smile I bought a HUGE snowman jar with lid - I am saving all loose change and anything I find in the washer. Not sure what I will do with it once it's full - will make that decision once it gets closer to being full.

Well VERY tired - so off to bed for me!


January 10th, 2006 at 01:28 am

Well it's monday - pretty good day!

Hung clothes out on my new clothesline! WOOHOO!! I needed a clothespin holder and I didn't want to spend any money. Now I could of sewn one - but I am short on time right now. So I made one out of an old ice cream bucket - the handle comes off to go over the line and rehooks. I put holes in the bottom in case I left the lid off so it could drain (if it rained).

Clipped some coupons today and will file them tomorrow probably. Started making out menu and grocery list. Need to shop on Thurs.

Will be making a debt elimination chart and hanging over my desk. I want to be debt free SOOOOOOOOO bad!! We don't have alot - but enough that I don't like.


January 7th, 2006 at 11:28 pm

Been a very frugal day here. Smile
Washed laundry in cold water - hung one load on the line. WOOHOO for that new clothesline. Dh still needs to fix some of the lines tomorrow. Then I will be ready to use it full time next week!

Didn't go anywhere - so no wasting gas or $$$.

Found a few quarters and a few other misc change in the laundry and underneath the couch - went into my change jar.

Dinner was from the pantry/freezer.

with younger dson moving into a big bed - he wet the bed last night. UGH!! He doesn't do this often - maybe once a month or so......... Well I knew I would have to go buy a rubber sheet as I didn't want to ruin the mattress. So I was thinking and well I had an extra shower curtain in the linen closet and put that on the bed with a sheet over it. It worked perfectly - so I saved a few $$ there. Got one more thing out of my linen closet. yeah for me!

Dkids asked me to make some pumpkin bread tomorrow, so I will make that and some cookie bars I think. Possibly even homemade bread depending on my mood and the amount of hours I have to work tomorrow.

I work from home, it's great. I save sooooooooo much money - not having to wear certain clothes, or gas etc. It's great! I also get to pick the hours I want to work. It's great!!!!

So off to take a hot bath then will work for another couple of hours tonight. Have a great night!

bought a new bed

January 7th, 2006 at 12:23 am

Got oldest dson a new mattress/boxspring today. It was printed wrong (the pattern on it) It's been in the showroom for 3 months and no one wanted it - got it today for $100 for the set! It's made by bassett and is awesome! Great price for a new mattress/boxspring set! WOOHOO!! Very happy with that purchase. Youngest dson is ready to move to the bottom bunk now - outgrew his toddler bed. This has been a planned expense for some time, but very happy is done now! Smile

Stopped by a garage sale and picked up 3 homeschooling books for 1.50 each. Not sure if I will keep them or ebay them. Need to really look through them first.

All laundry was done in cold water with 1/4 cup of laundry soap.
Dinner was pancakes, sausage and oj - total cost 2.34 for the whole meal - got one package of sausage free with coupon (cooked 2 packages) and then got the oj free with coupon. All nine of us ate and equaled out to 26 cents each!! WOW!!! Even if I wouldn't of gotten those 2 items free - it would of only cost - 50 cents per person - Gosh I think this may be on the menu more. It went over great! Smile

Need to work for a couple hours tonight - hopefully the phones will be ringing. Smile

unfortunately the heat will have to be turned on tonight - but it's the first time this season! WOOHOO for that! But it's gonna get in the 20s possible snow flurries - ummm that's unheard of down here!

Will be making a list of things I want to accomplish this weekend later tonight besides working of course. Smile

Have a great weekend!

Grocery shopping day

January 5th, 2006 at 11:36 pm

Went grocery shopping and got alot for $177. We are a family of 9 plus a big lab, so this was good for us! Smile

I got the Feb issue in Woman's day - and I am quoted in an article by Mary Hunt! Too cool! Smile It's on saving money by putting in a hot water heater timer.

Worked for about an hour and a half tonight. Don't work alot on thursday - because friday, saturday and sunday I put in alot of hours. Love being able to be at home and earn $$. Smile Best thing about being a work at home mom!

Got a bill today for lab work I had done a couple weeks ago - our portion 4.02 - I suppose I will write a check for the full amount. LOL Will mail that tomorrow.

Have a good night!

WOOHOO got a ........

January 4th, 2006 at 10:40 pm

CLOTHESLINE!!!!!!!!! Dh came home from work - ate dinner and starting working on the clothesline. YEAH!! I am soooooo excited. This will save us lots of $$.

Back to working for me. Smile

Here we go...........

January 4th, 2006 at 07:48 pm

Gonna start getting real guerilla frugal again. All the little things add up!! I want to have a savings account, freedom acct and pay a few bills off.

First thing we'll work on - cutting that electric bill down and the groceries. That's the challenge for january.

Start turning all the lights out, unplugging things when not using them. I got rid of my freezer as it was costing me more $$ as it was old. Frown
It's been beautiful here, so no heat or a/c. Ordered a clothesline a couple days ago and got it today - can't wait for dh to put it up.

Working on a menu plan and grocery list. Need to shop the pantry/freezer first. Then grocery shopping sometime in the next day or two.

I sold a few things on ebay so that's being added to our ef and fa.