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January 7th, 2006 at 11:28 pm

Been a very frugal day here. Smile
Washed laundry in cold water - hung one load on the line. WOOHOO for that new clothesline. Dh still needs to fix some of the lines tomorrow. Then I will be ready to use it full time next week!

Didn't go anywhere - so no wasting gas or $$$.

Found a few quarters and a few other misc change in the laundry and underneath the couch - went into my change jar.

Dinner was from the pantry/freezer.

with younger dson moving into a big bed - he wet the bed last night. UGH!! He doesn't do this often - maybe once a month or so......... Well I knew I would have to go buy a rubber sheet as I didn't want to ruin the mattress. So I was thinking and well I had an extra shower curtain in the linen closet and put that on the bed with a sheet over it. It worked perfectly - so I saved a few $$ there. Got one more thing out of my linen closet. yeah for me!

Dkids asked me to make some pumpkin bread tomorrow, so I will make that and some cookie bars I think. Possibly even homemade bread depending on my mood and the amount of hours I have to work tomorrow.

I work from home, it's great. I save sooooooooo much money - not having to wear certain clothes, or gas etc. It's great! I also get to pick the hours I want to work. It's great!!!!

So off to take a hot bath then will work for another couple of hours tonight. Have a great night!

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