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Checking KWH/hanging laundry out

January 11th, 2006 at 04:57 pm

WOW - Our kwh have been high for this month. Will be glad when the meter guy is here (the 17th of the month) - then I can start tracking them again. I know the dryer was causing alot of it. As we haven't had the a/c or heat on in a couple of months. This new clothesline is going to save me more than I thought!!

Looking for other ways to cut that electric bill:
~unplugging everything not in use
~my computer is all MOST of the time - but I work from home and it's easier to have it on - so I can sign on whenever it's time for me to work - I think I will start putting it in standby mode though - I always shut the monitor off at night but maybe this will help some too.
~washing only full loads of clothes -most of the time do this anyways
~Hanging ALL clothes on the line - if it's raining then hang on drying racks
~combining things cooking in the oven so it's used for multicooking

I will give this some more thought - and see what else I can come up with.

Took the kids to the park today - I walked for 40 minutes while we were up there. So I got some exercise in today.

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