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Wacky Wednesday

January 18th, 2006 at 03:26 pm

Well the meter guy came this morning to read the electric meter. I am going out there in about 5 minutes to read it and compare it to last months. I KNOW it's not good already. Frown PLUS the rates went up.

Need to wash a load of laundry and will hang out to dry. It's cool for us but it's very windy so they should dry in no time. Love the free dryer - good old outside.

The yogurt I made the other day - came out great - or so the kids say. LOL I don't like yogurt so I didn't taste it but it's meet approval with all 7 children. Smile

Just ran out to read the meter - lots of KWH were used last month. Frown Oh well it WILL improve this month!

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