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Weekly Update!!

January 27th, 2006 at 06:10 pm

WOW I can't believe it's been a week since I posted here. The new blogs look great!! Smile
SO let's see what I can update. ~Totally used the clothesline now for 2 weeks - only used the dryer 1 time in that time period.

~Got the electric bill and it's bad! Frown ALOT higher than last year this time! Rates have gone up BUT I am determined to get it back down.

~cooked all meals from scratch - ate out of the pantry/freezer this past week

~went grocery shopping this morning - went to save a lot and got 154 items for $122. WOOHOO!!!!!! I LOVE that store. Then I went to Sams to get our meats and laundry soap - $88 there.

~paid 2 bills off today - totally $238. WOOHOO!!

~prepared 14 dishes for oldest ds and dh's lunch boxes - which will save me some $$ instead of buying prepackaged lunches

Left to do:
~work on february's budget
~revamp the debt reduction sheet, as 2 more bills were paid off - move a few up!!Yeah!
~still trying to revamp my wah - hours (softball is starting soon with dd playing - I need to re-arrange my hours)
~planning a mini getaway with dh - need to call about reservations - I can't wait!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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